Technological Design


In Tech Design students are given the opportunity to Design, Draft and Build solutions to technical problems. Areas of study focus on Architecture, Engineering and Graphic Design.
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Tech Design Culminating Projects

As always, the end of semester brings Culminating Projects and the opportunity for our amazing students to showcase their skills. The students from Mr. Edward's grade 12 Tech Design class used their design-draft-build skills on a variety of projects and a sampling are shown here.
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Tech Design projects

The students in Mr. Edward's grade 12 Tech Design class were busy last week finishing up their community sign projects. Shown are a couple of examples from the class. Simon Bohner can be seen putting the finishing touches on a pair of signs for Nix Snowblowing (who happens to be his brother!). Declan Key is shown presenting his finished sign to his client from Pensar Group (who happens to be his father!).
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Tech Design Project

Senior Tech Design student Nicholas Bayer demonstrating to his classmates how to do an epoxy pour while making a live edge
table top as part of his culminating project.
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