Computer Engineering


Take control of the high-tech world! Anyone can be a user of technology, but the truly powerful are the creators: the engineers and programmers who design, program and build the devices we use every day.
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War-Bot Competition

Gr 9 #engineeringStratford students had an amazing War-Bot competition featuring robotic throwing mechanisms, #creativity, #testing and #troubleshooting
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Robotics Tournament in Collingwood

Mr. Bradshaw is really proud of these amazing, intelligent and extremely dedicated engineers. They represented SSES well at the regional robot qualifying tournament in Collingwood on February 8th.
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Gr 12 Engineering

Gr 12 #engineeringStratford final projects, including this 3D printed Nerf gun turret featuring servos for control and dc motors for the flywheel. #RuleTheWorld
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Gr 10 Engineering

Programming, testing and troubleshooting for the final robot competition in Mr. Bradshaw's Gr 10 #engineeringStratford
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